Moralook Limited is a trusted multi sectoral service provider company based in Bangladesh.  Moralook started in 2013 Founded by Monjurul Islam Megh. Firstly this company provide an IT Services. In 2020, Moralook registered in RJSC (Registrar of Joint Stock Companies And Firms) Registration No: C -162229/2020   as a Moralook Limited company. Fisrt Chairman of This company Ms Shefaly Khatun and First Managing Director Mr. Monjurul Islam Megh. 1’st september 2020 Board of Directors of Moralook Limited an appointed to Mr. Monjurul Islam Megh as a Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Mr. Megh and His team are always trying to provide quality service in this section of  IT, Publication, Product, Supplier, Contractor.

CinemaKing Limited (Film production and Distribution company) is a Sister Concern of Moralook Limited.